Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an essential part of the Opera and play a vital role by helping to increase financial support, reducing costs, and providing skilled assistance.

Opportunities for volunteer service with OS are:

  • Office support
    • Filing
    • Phone Calls
    • Mailing
    • Clerical in general
  • Event and rehearsal support
    • Tickets sales
    • Collect Donations
    • Help with mailing lists
    • Refreshments for artists and audience
    • Clean up and organize before and after performances
    • Costumes helper
    • Make up helper
    • Props helper
    • Staging helper
    • Orchestra helper
    • Lights helper
    • Audience seating coordinator
  • Stage volunteers
    • Supernumeraries
  • Artist transportation
  • Artist housing

Opera Guild
Ladies and Gentlemen who would be interested in forming an Opera Guild.
          1.  Supply the following to Rehearsals:  Coffee; Tea; Cookies; Donuts; etc
          2.  Bring Opera Stars (Artists singing leading roles) little things they might need when away from home. Opera Guild members will receive a special time fellowship with Major Role Performers as well as attend the final Dress Rehearsal of all Main Stage Operas. Costumes
Opera Seabrook needs Volunteer (s) for making Costumes.
          1.  Someone with good Sowing & Seamstress Experience.
          2.  Someone who is interested in building a Costume Shop for future Opera Productions. Carpentry
Opera Seabrook needs a Volunteer who has Carpentry Skills for building Prop Sets.
          1.  Someone who has the energy and desire to help us create our Prop Sets for specific scenes.
          2.  Someone who wishes to help us build a warehouse of Props for future Opera Productions. Assistants
Opera Seabrook needs Assistants for the following Artistic Areas - the experience will be a tremendous addition to their Resumes.
          1.  Two Assistants Stage Director - help in rehearsals as well as Performances = giving cues and helping with all Artists.
          2.  One Assistant Stage Manager - keeping to make each set change during rehearsals and performances.
          3.  One Assistant Conductor (helps with all Orchestra Music - preparation and assists the Maestro - including some conducting)
          4.  One Assistant Manager to the Orchestra (helps with all preparations for Rehearsals & Performances)
          5.  Two Assistants Lighting Designer (helps hang lighting & running spot lights & special effects)
          6.  Two or three Assistants to Costume Mistress - helping with sewing/seamstress work - and fittings, keeps all costumes organized and accounted for.
          7.  One Assistant to PR - meeting & greeting the Public before & during Dress Rehearsals, Performances, and special functions.         
          8.  One Assistant to the General Manager - Individual interested in Arts Management - Assisting in all matters of Management including Website Management and working Internet PR.

For information about becoming a volunteer for OS, please call 267.342.4511 or send an email to operaseabrook@gmail.com

All OS volunteers received the following benefits:

  • 2 complementary VIP tickets per opera.
  • 20% discount in all our events



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