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Get Exposure


We, at Opera Seabrook, are so very excited about our opera season. Our company has grown so very quickly. The Artists performing our major roles come from as far away as the Netherlands and as nearby as Bridgeton, NJ. They were chosen from over 1200 artists whom auditioned for us over the last 3 years.

We anticipate our Attendance Total of over 2,000 Patrons per Season.

The Board of Directors at Opera Seabrook is offering to you the following special rates of Advertising Space for each opera production Handheld Program Booklet, website and posters. 

Handheld Program Booklet per opera (total printed per opera 200). Get 20% off when you buy publicity for the entire season – 4 operas x 16 plus performances:

8 X 5 inches B&W = $150.00
8 X 5 inches Color = $160.00
3.5 X 5 inches B&W = $80.00
3.5 X 5 inches Color = $90.00
2.5 X 3.5 inches B&W = $20.00
2.5 X 3.5 inches Color = $30.00
Inside the ‘Front Cover’ or the ‘Back Cover’ (8 X 5 inches Color) = $200.00
‘Back Cover’ (8 X 5 inches Color) = 400.00

Publicity in Booklets














Website banners on

- Logo fixed with link = $100.00 - per season -

Salem City Cafe




- Logo with motion and link = $200.00 - per season -

- Permanent logo fixed with link = $30.00 x month - contract for minimun of 1 year -.

- Permanent logo with motion and link = $40 x month - contract for minimun of 1 year -.

Publicity in our Posters:

Every year Opera season launch 5 posters. You can have your logo on these posters for:

- Seasonal Poster = This poster is launch in May. $200.00

- Opera poster= One poster for each opera for 4 posters total. This posters are launch one month prior to the first performance of each opera. $100.00 per logo, per opera.

To see examples of our posters click on the follow links


Opera Poster

For more information please send an email to or call 267-342-4511

We look forward to supporting your business and speaking to you!




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