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POP: Profesional Orientation Program

POP-Camden 2010Introduction:
Opera Seabrook, knowing the lack of professional venues for the Young Artists as well as the  future Administrative and Technical producers, will develop the attitudes and have direct, assertive training with each individual creating A Professional Orientation in our Opera Production program.

The Professional Orientation in our Opera Production program is a total immersion in all the areas involved with each opera production.
Opera Seabrook’s professional staff, after having chosen the finest talent in each area listed below, will work training the students from High School at The High School Auditorium in the afternoons after classes preparing them for each opera production giving each individual recognition with program notes both on the televised results as well as the program notes.

General Goal:
To offer this opportunity to the young adults  ( High School students) to discover a professional orientation in opera and music production.

Specific Goals

  1. To train the students utilizing specific positions with Opera Seabrook’s production staff.
  2. To offer a professional exposure and experience in business.
  3. To offer a professional exposure and experience in the culmination of Arts – such as in

Opera Production: Costume; Dance; Music; Lighting; Set Design & Construction; Graphic Design; Painting; Artistic Design of Sets; Audio & Video Recording Tech; etc…

  1. To offer a professional exposure and experience in technical support for performances.
  2. To cultivate a holistic interest in the arts with talented Students.


Business: Training in marketing and publicity.

  1. Writing Press release – JOURNALISM / ENGLISH
  2. Graphic Design related to Publicity posters and Programs – COMPUTER GRAPHICS
  3. Web site Design & Advertisement – WEB DESIGN
  4. Bilingual publicity and media – SPANISH / GERMAN / ITALIAN LANGUAGES
  5. Publicity & Marketing  - MARKETING & MANAGEMENT

Music: Orchestra / Chorus and Soloist.

  1. Conducting & Assistant Conducting (Orchestra and Chorus) -
  2. Instrumental Performance (Orchestra) -
  3. Piano Accompaniment and Coaching – MUSIC DEPARTMENT
  4. Role preparation for Soloists involving Style, Diction & Musicality - MUSIC DEPT.

Orchestral & Vocal Composition

Conducting & Assistant Conducting (Orchestra and Chorus) -
Interweaving of Storyline with Instrumentation & Style.

 Staging: Direction and Sets

  1. Story board – DRAMA
  2. Acting  & Stage writing – scoring – DRAMA / CHORAL DEPT. / BAND

Set & Prop Cosntruction

  2. Set Construction - INDUSTRIAL ARTS / AUDIO VISUAL
  3. Set Painting & Finishing – ART DEPARTMENT (ALL ART CLASSES)
  4. Prop Design & Construction – ART DEPARTMENT (ALL ART CLASSES)

Acting: Soloist / Chorus and dancers.

  1. Singing & Vocal Study – CHORUS & MUSIC DEPARTMENT
  2. Body Movement – Period Acting – DANCE & DRAMA DEPARTMENT
  3. Choreography – DANCE DEPARTMENT
  4. Stage Craft & Staging – DRAMA DEPARTMENT

Make up / Costumes

  1. Character Make up with different lighting – ART DEPARTMENT
  2. Wigs and body attachments & Appliances – ART DEPARTMENT
  3. Costuming Design – ART DEPARTEMENT
  4. Costume Construction – HOME & ECCONOMICS

Lighting and Audio

  1. Equipment Management – ENGINEERING & DESIGN
  2. Lighting Design – STAGE CRAFT & PRODUCTION / ARTS
  3. Hanging Lights & Placing Specials - STAGE CRAFT & PRODUCTION / ARTS
  4. Lighting – Setting Cues w/Music - STAGE CRAFT & PRODUCTION / ARTS
  6. Acoustics - AUDIO VISUAL & MUSIC


  1. Language Translation – SPANISH / GERMAN / ITALIAN (LANGUAGES)
  2. Presentation (Power point or Flash) – COMPUTER TECHNIQUES
  3. Score and Supertitles - LANGUAGE / AUDIO VISUAL

Opera Seabrook’s staff will train the Salem High School students during each opera production.
Each one of the chosen Students will be actively involved with opportunities from business management to supertitles.
The Instrumentalists and Singers will be part of Opera Seabrook orchestra and Chorus, allowing the very talented to do smaller roles according to his/her talent.
Those Students who show Conducting and Directing aptitudes will be working with the Director and the Conductor as Assistant Director and Assistant Conductor.

Time line
The Students who will be training with Opera Seabrook Staff during the school year will work with our Staff after-school hours.
During production, the Students will have four (4) weeks of rehearsals and six (6) performances.


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