Online Fundraising & Donor Levels

kickbackYour help is fundamental to keep the Opera Seabrook program moving toward obtaining our goals. We are a 501c3 Non- profit organization. Donations are tax exempt to the full extent of the law. You can help us making a monetary donation or donating an item for our online eBay auctions. Also, you can help by hosting a fundraising party at your house. Fundraising provides valuable support for the Opera Seabrook mission of educating promising young talent.

You can make your monetary donations using the follow paypal link:







AUDIENCE $50 to $99
Choose this level and get two complimentary tickets for an Opera Seabrook production.

OPERA LOVERS $100 to $499
Choose this level and get an Opera Seabrook annual membership (to see the benefits go to Membership)

BENEFACTOR $500 to $900
Choose this level and get a private opera concert in your house or business.

PATRON $1000 + above
Choose this level and get your name or business name displayed in Opera Seabrook posters and bills for one season.














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